Update 14 May 2019

It has been relatively quiet the last few weeks in the Dutch healthcare sector but we look at a couple of organizations that could be of interest as acquisition targets:

  • Zorg van de Zaak continues growth by acquisition. Is this an interesting party for an international player interested in the Dutch healthcare market?
  • Disabled care organization in the northern part of the Netherlands looking to be acquired. Could it of interest to an international player?

Zorg van de Zaak continue growth by acquisition

Zorg van de Zaak (ZvdZ) is a group of companies focusing on work and healthcare related issues, but which also is the only remaining private owner of a full scale-hospital in the Netherlands. Zorg van de Zaak was profiled in the update of 21 March 2018.

The company has historically grown through acquisitions and has recently finalized the acquisition of a new company. Novadic-Kentron is a company specializing in the treatment of addiction related issues. The organization has approximately 700 FTE employees and 9.000 clients and had revenues of €73 million in 2017. Services are provided thru a mixture of healthcare insurance and social services paid for by municipalities. After a number of loss-making years, the company made a profit in 2017, but was still in need of a stronger partner.

After long discussions, ZvdZ has now finally decided to acquire Novadic-Kentron. The company will remain independent but will be a good addition to its existing substance abuse activities (Rodersana). Zorg van de Zaak is an interesting company offering a relatively broad range of healthcare related services. The company is 100% family-owned and the entrepreneur who started the company is almost 70 and facing health-care related issues. Maybe an interesting target for investors looking for healthcare-related opportunities in the Netherlands.

De Noorderbrug seeking strong partner to help in development of staff and new services

De Noorderbrug is an organization in the northern part of the Netherlands that is specialized in long-term care for clients with brain damage, chronic neurological issues, Huntington’s Disease, and deaf clients. De Noorderbrug has 1.600 clients, 850 employees, and revenues of almost €50 million. In 2017 the organization made a loss of €0.7 million.

The organization has had considerable problems stemming from attempts to to develop self-managing teams and issues related to heavier workloads as client requirements increase. Due to doubts from banks and insurance companies they are being to find a stronger partner who can help finance required investments in training staff and developing new services. Maybe an interesting target for an international group with experience with the same type of clients?