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Dutch healthcare sector : Booming market and many opportunities

The Dutch market is the undiscovered pearl of the European healthcare sector:

  • A large and homogeneous market
  • A stable political situation with a commitment to the current high levels of spend on healthcare and increased liberalization of the sector
  • Friendly environment for service innovation through high degree of freedom for patients and clients to decide on provider of services
  • Incumbents who have limited financial resources and innovation skills
  • An large and increasing number of potential targets for equity investors

As in other countries, the Dutch healthcare sector has its own complexities and peculiarities. This means that answers to key questions are not always straightforward and that experience from other markets cannot be directly transferred.

Vardetun is a one-stop shop for all questions related to understanding the Dutch healthcare sector, developing an optimal market entry strategy, finding acquisition targets, carrying out due diligence, developing and carrying out a post-acquisition plan, etc.

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