Help you understand the Dutch healthcare market

  • Vardetun provides 1-day workshops giving an overview of the Dutch healthcare market (demographics, size and growth, etc.). Workshops can be tailor-made to focus on specific segments
  • Vardetun develops market-entry strategies for companies wanting to enter the Dutch market
  • Vardetun finds acquisition targets and provides assistance in acquisition process

Help you improve your existing organizations

  • Vardetun carries out consulting projects to existing healthcare organizations
  • Vardetun can carry out short-term assignments to help optimize acquired companies
  • Vardetun can provide interim management functions in the areas of finance, strategy, marketing and operations
  • Vardetun can provide ongoing services  related to acquired companies (Board, Business Developemnt, other part-time functions, etc.)

Help you develop new and innovative healthcare organizations

  • Vardetun has played a key role in developing national chain for helping young people with autism
  • Vardetun helps entrepreneurs develop new and innovative healthcare business in the Dutch market
  • Vardetun uses real-life entrepreneurial experience in helping investors set up and run new Dutch companies

Key clients